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March 3, 2017
Is Oscar Allen serious?

EDITOR: I read Oscar Allen’s article titled “The launch, its moment missed”, published in the Searchlight newspaper of Tuesday, February 21, 2017. The main subject of his article is the Argyle International Airport (AIA), and how the Unity Labour Party (ULP) is not developing it correctly.

I have to ask this question in the context of his article: “Is Oscar Allen really serious?”

Let me say from the start that I endorse Mr Allen’s view that the Opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) should be fully on board the AIA project. However, I energetically reject his analysis, especially when he consistently and biasly seeks every opportunity to bury the ULP government. The AIA is just one example. After all,  Mr Allen has made it clear that he has no intentions of recognizing publicly, nor privately, the good work of the ULP-led government. Over the past 15 years, he remains true to his intentions. This is why the public must take his words with a grain of salt and don’t easily believe him when it comes to his bias critiques of the ULP Government.

It is one thing to constructively criticize, but it is another kettle of fish when criticism originates out of political mischief, hate, desperation and backwardness. This is exactly what the NDP has been doing, especially since 2001. It steers extremely far from constructive criticism, but instead focusses on political mischief and backwardness. How sad that Oscar Allen has embraced this political madness from the NDP.

Just where was Mr Allen when the NDP was condemning the Argyle International Airport? Where was Mr Allen when one of his sheros, Luzette King, begged for a tsunami to destroy the airport and by extension, a large part of SVG? Where was Mr Allen when the NDP mouthpieces went so far as to pray to God that the airplanes that landed at Argyle on February 14, 2017 should crash and by extension, kill precious lives of Vincentians on board? Where was Mr Allen when the NDP leaders ridiculously mocked the efforts of the ULP in building the AIA? Where was Mr Allen when the NDP ridiculed the internationalist workers from Cuba and Venezuela who worked to build the AIA? Mr Allen said absolutely nothing against such backward and reactionary politics peddled by the NDP leaders and supporters. Shame on you, Mr Allen!

Generally, Mr Allen stubbornly and unrighteously refused to see that the NDP’s backwardness is pushing the ULP-led government to react to and resist this backward politics practised by the NDP. This is true for his approach to the AIA, in the sense that he experiences great discomfort in recognizing that the ULP Government has done any good in the building of the AIA. Allen’s analytical and intellectual skills go into a very deep sleep when it comes time for him to point out the NDP’s profound backwardness generally and AIA particularly.

Mr Allen, up to this point since 2005, cannot find it in his soul to say good things about the AIA. How can such a person ignore the good things about the AIA? Well, it is the ULP building it and he is always blind to anything positive about the ULP government.

Mr Allen has demonstrated since 2001 that he sees the NDP as some Moses ready to take SVG across the Red Sea, away from the dangerous Pharoah called Ralph Gonsalves. For Mr Allen, the NDP can do no wrong, despite the numerous evidence of backwardness displayed by this bunch of reactionaries and right-wingers. He is in bed with these backward elements in our society, even though he portrays himself as progressive, a leftist, and holier than everyone else.

Even Vincentian children know that the NDP is backward, incompetent, and dislikes when progress takes place in SVG. But oh no, not Mr Allen. It is clear he has a deep seated bias against the ULP, especially Dr Gonsalves. Despite all the positive and successful initiatives by the ULP-led Government, Mr Allen does not recognize these good initiatives. He ONLY recognizes the negatives and hides the positive. On the other hand, he praises the NDP’s foolishness and encourages the party to continue with its backwardness.

Mr Allen, be a true Christian and condemn the madness of the NDP before they come for you, as Dr Adrian Fraser normally warns us about. But then again, you do not care, so long as the ULP is the target of the false truths, alternative facts, mischiefs, and lies. Wheel and come again, Oscar Allen. The gods are watching your lack of respect for truth and your high level of acceptance and embrace of the NDP’s backwardness, reactionary and right-wing politics. The GODS are watching!

Soloman Daniel