Our Readers' Opinions
February 3, 2017
FLOW – Improve on keeping records, please!

Editor: Oh my! FLOW again! Some three weeks ago, a man told me that he was without Internet service for two weeks. He had launched a complaint over the telephone, thinking it was recorded. Later, he found out that there was no record of his complaint. Other people are saying the same thing. On checking afterward, they get to hear that their complaints were not recorded. One lady recently said that after she went to claim a discount due to being without Internet for three weeks, she was told that they can only possibly consider giving a discount from the date of the recording. The date on record was much later than when the lady had first made the complaint. I wonder if FLOW has a ploy of deliberately not recording complaints to avoid giving discounts! If so, then this is deceiving and cheating the customers. Psalm 10:7; Proverbs 11:1. FLOW, record complaints the first time they are made, please. Be willing to give discounts for Internet services not rendered. On the positive side, thanks to FLOW for providing Internet service to our population, making global communication possible and a delight to us, especially to those of us who use it wisely. Just improve on your record keeping please!

Mr. KK