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January 31, 2017
Replying to C ben-David regarding Peter Binose

Editor: I was surprised to see a letter in the Searchlight regarding Peter Binose. Obviously a furtherance of the demolition job that so-called C ben-David is so famous for against writers who question his nasty writings that are designed to destroy the confidence of the Vincentian tourist industry. David has written something approaching 50 articles which have been published online why the Argyle airport would not work, sometimes along with snide swipes at the Prime Minister.

When asked by Peter why he was continually attacking another writer, not Peter himself, C ben David replied because he is strong and the other writer is weak.

Whilst Peter Binose used a pseudonym in what he described as “protection against political spite”, C ben-David took a whole different approach, and he took a whole identity in the name of an Israeli and declared he was a retired PhD university professor. Of course, Peter took him to task and ripped him apart. Ben-David was no real contest against Peter and Peter continually made him look like an idiot.

What you can be sure of, if you read the works of Binose, just about everything he ever wrote was true or has come to pass. I was not a total supporter of Peter’s style of writing. I thought some of his messages to the Vincentian people were too powerful for them to digest.

During the past three weeks, I have visited the airport seven times, because I am excited about the airport opening. Whilst there, I observed the frantic stripping and repaving of a large section of the runway, which Peter said was built on swamp. I do not know what facilitated the need for this remedial work, but I have watched it and photographed it from afar.

But the real reason I was prompted to write this reply to C ben-David is because I do not believe Peter is capable of that reply himself. I heard a whisper this week that Peter Binose had died. So I put into my search engine ‘Peter Binose dead’ and behold found two references to his demise. I am currently trying to contact the person who made that report. It seems strange that it did not appear in SVG or the related Internet sites he most frequently used. Which may mean they do not know, or it is simply disrespect on the part of the editors.

Sandra Bynoe

[email protected]