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December 30, 2016
Be sensible! Stop cheating!

Editor: As we know quite well, many men are cheating on their wives. They feel that doing so makes them each a “macho” man, the real man! Men, cheating is certainly NOT being smart in any good way. When you cheat, you are putting yourselves down to the level of animals. It is not dignified. Think of it: What if your wife were to cheat on you, how would you feel? Would you love it? Since you would never want your mate to cheat on you, is it fair then for you to cheat on your mate?{{more}} Recall the “Golden Rule” that God’s Son, Jesus, gave at Matthew 7:12. It states: “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them…” How sickening it is when a man would cheat on his wife and expect her to say nothing, just accept it.Then, when he just suspects that his wife is cheating, he quarrels with her, verbally abuses and even in some cases, physically abuses her – swollen face, chops, choking and so forth. Worse yet, a wife contracts a sexually transmitted infection/disease like HIV/AIDS, through NO fault of her own. Is that fair? Utter foolishness! Men who are cheaters need to stop their nasty lifestyle. Of course, women need to be faithful to their mates also. Respect God by living according to his standards. Jesus clearly indicated – One man, ONE wife, at Matthew 19:6. Jesus was NOT joking, but SERIOUS in what he said. 1 Timothy 3:2. Men, add value to yourselves. You are humans, not animals! Be real men by sticking to your wives only, like Jesus said. Be sensible and stop cheating!

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