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December 23, 2016
Facts, not fiction – I need a pothole Santa

Editor: An online Google search gives the definition of a pothole as: 1. a deep natural underground cave formed by the erosion of rock, especially by the action of water. 2. a depression or hollow in a road surface caused by wear or subsidence.

I wish to take the second definition for now, but if another trough with interminable rainfall affects our country before 2017, then I would have to use the first definition, because these potholes will definitely turn into underground caves. They were actually there before the trough system and have been there for too long now.


Well, as I listened to the news this morning, I heard the traffic officer reminding persons to pay their driver’s licensing tax. Then is when I said to myself … imagine the Traffic Police officers are giving us reminders. I had to smile. Why don’t they remind the traffic Santa they sang about so lustily last Friday night at their carolling contest to fix the roads. They really did well and everyone who participated sang their hearts out.

As I commute, I can’t help but observe the gap at the Fountain stretch where vehicles have to drive on the right side of the road to avoid those potholes. The area close to the Adventist church at Fountain, then swinging into Kingstown after you leave ‘The Moon’ is about four potholes, then down to Sally Spring is the worst. I count about 30 potholes there. I made my way down to Richmond Hill and it is getting worse; lots of stones in the street causing your vehicle to swerve. It is ridiculous!

I heard it said that the tax we pay cannot fix the roads, and that we must pay our share of tax or face the consequences by the law, but what about the conditions of the road leading into Kingstown; at least our motorists need to be treated with respect.

It is only when someone comes on the radio and talks about the deplorable conditions of the roads we see them being fixed. Can’t we have a surprise visit from the pothole Santa to fix the roads, so our tires will last longer and our vehicles will be in better condition? As a result we won’t be dropping into some of these caves that are on the roads, which can cause accidents.

Wait, I think I should bring this in one time and cut the story short. I was glad to see some people cleaning the road to make some Christmas change, but the trucks are not taking up the grass and sand that are on the sides of the road on time. They stay there and form mountains. Hence the grass grows back on to these mounds and stayed there, thus causing the roads to be narrowed. These are often found within communities. I believe that someone should go around and monitor the jobs. If they are not done properly, then no payment is made. I wish that the truck men can scrape off all the sand that remains, so that the roads would be cleared properly and be widened.

I leave this new verse of this song with you.

We need a pothole Santa

Who would fix the road

We need a pothole Santa

Who would make us smile

We need a pothole Santa

It is rhyme a line

We need a pothole Santa all the time…….

Help us please pothole Santa – please turn up; if not this Christmas, for January 2017; anything later than that spoil. Wait a while, I just remember my son told me that the name Santa spells the word satan and that Santa Claus is being used to distract from the true meaning of Christmas. My child smart oh! I think ah better consider, because a Santa might not be what I want after all.

From an observing citizen