Our Readers' Opinions
December 16, 2016
Invest more tourism money in North Leeward

Editor: As we move towards the closing of another year, there are always many things to reflect on. Also it is a time when many evaluate and make plans and proposals for the New Year.

I take this opportunity to say thanks to the many readers who look forward weekly to my articles. I must confess that not everyone agrees sometimes with what I write. However, I am thankful to you, Editor, for your faithfulness in allowing my letters to be published and for those readers who continue to encourage me to continue to write.{{more}}

While we reflect, we must admit that we have had a mixed year nationally and also individually. This year will be remembered for the many disasters that came our way. For some, it would be a year of success and advancement, while for others it would be remembered as a year when they faced many economic hardships due to unemployment. Whatever views or whatever is our side, we have to agree that God has and continues to be and will be faithful.

We soon will be having the Estimates and later on the Budget presentations and debate. Let me make a plea for more money to be invested in tourism in North Leeward. I guess many are not aware of the potential that lies in North Leeward for tourism development. We are already aware of the Trinity Falls, Falls of Baliene, La Soufrière, but there is an attractive site in Spring Village that is not talked about and ought to be made a tourism site. It is a mountain made from pure rocks. These rocks are very straight up and have some attractive sites. The shape of these rocks will no doubt create interest for many visitors, for it is almost certain that they have never seen such interesting rocks.

These rocks are situated directly opposite the playing field. I would invite the members of the tourism department to visit the site and have a first-hand look at it. This can become a regularly visited site if developed properly.

The German Gutter and the English Gutter at Troumaca need some attention. The recent floods in November have almost eroded that English Gutter. If attention is not given to this gutter, then I am afraid that soon if the rains continue to come, more of that gutter will be eroded. This will then cause some of the houses close to it to be washed away. Also the Coulls Hill road continues to be of concern. The recent floods have also caused more damage to the wall. At present, another section of the wall is badly cracked and can give away soon, thus making it more challenging to travel on that road.

I know there are many other areas that need attention and we are aware that money is hard to come by. So it can be argued that we would have to wait. Also it is difficult to find a solution to that current road. I am not an engineer, but my two cents on that is to carry the road inwards by cutting the banks. This too has its disadvantages and a cost. Another suggestion is to build a flight of massive steps in wall. However, I know that we have competent and qualified engineers who can arrive at a solution. The latter can be more costly than the first suggestion.

Of course, there are more things to be done in North Leeward. We are truly thankful for the current work done on the bridge at Spring Village and the proposed renovation of the current hospital at Chateau­belair to a smart hospital. More will be heard from me in the coming year.

Let me wish each and every one a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year. May God bless us all.

Kennard King