Our Readers' Opinions
December 13, 2016
Who should we blame for losing our values?

Editor: Living in today’s society can be very challenging; humanity seems to be a thing of the past. Vincentians once demonstrated love, kindness, values and integrity, but today it’s all about selfishness. At times, I sit and wonder how we got to this point where as we don’t care about each other. Who should we blame for losing our values? Is it the communities, churches, NGOs, government, politicians or poor parenting? While I’m asking this question, something is very wrong with us for failing today’s society. Lawlessness, crime, drugs, laziness, begging and disrespect seem to be the order of today.{{more}}

What are the authorities doing to remedy these ills that are seriously affecting our young people and today’s society? Some may say they are trying, yet we can’t seem to get it right; it’s extremely frightening to see how today’s society is so vulnerable to pimps, vagabonds, thugs and those who only think about themselves. It’s about time for Vincentians to get up and fight for our country; don’t leave it up to politicians, because the last time I checked they are failing us.

Role models played a critical part in our young persons’ lives; today role models are few.

A few role models who have strong values are: Al Alexandra, a former manager at the ET Joshua Airport; Jomo Thomas, the current speaker of the House of Assembly; Monty Maule, former speaker of the House of Assembly; PR Campbell QC; Monica Dacon, former Governor General’s deputy; Blazer Williams; Simone Churaman, former Chief Magistrate; Garth Saunders, manager of the CWSA; Irwina Phills, the Comptroller of Customs; Nelcia Robinson; and Renwick Rose, just to name a few.

As one who pays diligent attention to everything, my only disappointment is this country paid and is still paying for some persons to become professionals, who then completely forget their origins; it’s time for them to lend their voices to aid in our country’s development. This country needs help from all quarters; don’t leave it up to a few; everyone has the responsibility to help to build St Vincent and the Grenadines; if we don’t make an effort, one day we will say “if we did know” and that time it will be too late.

One may ask how they assist to build our country; a few suggestions are: get involved in a NGO; encourage your children to join Boy Scouts or Girl Guides; get involved in physical education; use the Internet wisely; get involved in constructive and meaningful conversations; expand your reading of books and educational writings; always think positive; avoid persons who don’t have your interest at heart; and remember to be a leader, one must be prepared to be led. As a Vincentian, I’m profoundly disturbed by today’s society, where violence seems to be the “in thing”.

I am sincerely asking all Vincentians to join together to combat violence, drugs and other ills that are affecting beautiful St Vincent and the Grenadines. I truly hope that we will realize the path our country is on before it’s too late. Let’s stand together and work on regaining the society that we are accustomed to. Please don’t wait till it’s too late; anyways, I gone!

Kingsley DeFreitas