Our Readers' Opinions
December 13, 2016
Vincentians will rise again amidst the circumstances

Editor: While we are trying to put our lives back together after the disaster, there are many things to consider. Although the damage in North Windward is huge, there is much to be thankful for. For there was no loss of lives. While we endure the inconveniences that many are suffering and also the vehicles that have to painfully travel on those roads, we consider that out of these negatives would come positives.{{more}}

It is indeed a challenging experience driving in those areas, especially where the bridge collapsed at Sandy Bay. However, God has been and is merciful. Some of the positives that will come out of these situations are stronger bridges, more defences and also an upgrade in some areas of better roads and drains. Also for some residents, they will benefit from having now better constructed homes in a different location.

Of course, from these disasters we ought to learn lessons. We should be wiser in terms of planning and preparation for disasters. Having said all of that, we must and cannot forget the very hard working staff of the utility companies that are seldom complimented, but criticized when things go wrong. We are a people who seldom thank and appreciate others, but rather we love to criticize and blame.

We must compliment VINLEC and CWSA for their dedicated hard work in ensuring that services were up and running in the quickest possible time. They have done fantastic work. They are to be rewarded and admired, for only they can truly understand the sacrifices they have made and continue to make to restore services. We must not forget the BRAGSA and the hard-working staff, namely, the front end loaders and others. Indeed, it was and still is a huge task clearing the roads to ensure that traffic can flow.

Indeed, it is uncomfortable for some to be living in shelter. However, we hope that lives would soon return to normal again. I know for some when it rains heavily they hardly sleep.

As part of the national anthem states, “What e’er our future brings, our faith will see us through.” We know that we have risen before and would rise again amidst the circumstances. GOD BLESS SVG.

Kennard King