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December 6, 2016
Spokespersons for NDP failed Mr Eustace

Editor: Under the leadership of Mr Eustace, the NDP has been in opposition for 16 years with his brand of politics, which was kinder and much gentler than the normal politician. Mr Eustace paid a very high price as the Opposition Leader; persons like: Vynnette Frederick, Alwyn Lewis, Mr EG Lynch, Mr Ernesto Crook, Igal Adams, Dougie De Freitas and Bert Francois failed Mr Eustace very badly. My firm opinion is that those persons who spoke for Mr Eustace and the NDP should be blamed for Mr Eustace not gaining the position of the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

While Mr Eustace tried very hard to become the Prime Minister, the persons who spoke for him and the NDP did not reflect any of Mr Eustace’s values, yet today those mouthpieces are saying that Mr Eustace served as a good Opposition Leader. They should be very ashamed to say that because they are the reason why Mr Eustace spent 16 years in opposition.

Mr Eustace came to the realization that it’s time for him to resign, and now the Opposition has a new leader. Dr Friday has gained the position of the Leader of the Opposition; I’m hoping that he sits and thinks about the NDP and its future. I’m hoping he realizes that changes must occur in the NDP to increase its chances of making some sort of political impact on St Vincent and the Grenadines. Firstly Dr Friday has to demonstrate leadership by letting persons who speak for the NDP know that Dr Gonsalves is not an easy walkover.

While Mr St Clair Leacock feels betrayed by some members of the NDP, Dr Friday should find a way to solve that issue. Dr Friday should and must realize that he has his work cut out for him and he must be ready to take on Dr Gonsalves, because Vincentians expect robust opposition, because that’s what sells in today’s political arena.

Dr Friday, these are some suggestions for you and the NDP: Make demands on persons who speak for the NDP to speak the truth laced with facts; show some respect for persons in authority, especially Dr Gonsalves; use their manifesto to inform Vincentians about the plans they have for St Vincent and the Grenadines; stop telling Vincentians the 2015 general election was stolen; replace some persons who ran as candidates in the 2015 general elections; stop focusing on Dr Gonsalves; find ways to improve the party PR; find the issues that affect Vincentians and deal with them.

Support policies that will benefit Vincentians presented by Dr Gonsalves and the ULP; find innovative ways to attract intelligent young persons to become members of the NDP; focus on our women and children; stop opposing for opposition sake; and insist that the New Times radio programme makes a difference. Let Bert know disrespect should not be the order of the day.

Mr Patel Matthews only won his seat by 12 votes in the 2015 general elections and that should create some concerns for Dr Friday and the NDP. There should be a suitable replacement for Mr Matthews in motion. Mr Nigel Stephenson over the previous 16 years has not shown any improvement, and his constituents are being shortchanged and it is time to begin a search for his replacement.

Now that Mr Eustace has decided to step down as leader of the NDP, Luke Browne has a glimpse of hope to win his seat and if the NDP wants to stand any chance of winning that seat, they must find someone with quality to replace Mr Eustace in that constituency.

Some recommendations for the NDP to fill the spot: Fitz Bramble, Haz Samuel or make a call for Anesia Baptiste to return. I’m hoping persons like Akin John, Dr Martin, Mr Barker, Kirk Da Silva, and Otto Sam make a bid to become members of the NDP political team.

I’m truly hoping my advice would be taken seriously, because Dr Friday, sir, you need all the help you can get. It’s a tough task you have ahead of you; let’s hope you make a difference.

Anyway, I gone.

Kingsley De Freitas