Our Readers' Opinions
November 25, 2016
We must all play our part in reducing crime in SVG

Editor: The rise in violent crimes is no doubt of concern to most Vincentians both at home and abroad. It is important that we honestly scrutinize the causes of these crimes and find a solution. As Vincentians, many are ascribing blame, mostly to the Government. Let us put aside the party politics for a while and think soberly. When we do, we would realize that all of us have a part to play.{{more}}

Many of us do not realize that the home contributes a lot to the many crimes in our nation and by extension, the world at large. Many parents are developing criminals in their home without realizing it. As a parent, you may allow your child to do what he/she wants in the name of freedom. This is done without much restraint and discipline. As a result that child grows up without much direction since he/she has been allowed the freedom to do as he/she pleases. Some mothers are afraid of their children.

But come to think of it, most homes are without a resident father. When this occurs, it has an effect on the home, which can lead to many social problems and eventually spills over into crimes, because many times in the case of a boy, he ends up in the gangs or on drugs.

There are many more causes, such as revenge and drugs, but space does not allow for an in-depth look at this important occurrence in our land. The revenge and drugs do have a great impact on the causes of crimes. For it becomes a cycle and it will revolve as it is now doing. If the cycle of revenge and drugs continues as causes for violent crimes, then we will have a continued rise in crime.

As a people, all of us have to play our part in the solution. Interestingly, many are offering solutions, one of which is stop and search by police and more patrols by the same. However, we, as Vincies, have become aggressive to the police and critical of them. While the aforementioned can serve to reduce the crimes, we know that if that method is used, many of us would continue to blast the police. Some would

even say that we have a police state. Many will criticize the police. Some will say that they are being harassed and would pass many negative comments towards the police. Indeed, we are a set of people who are hard to please.

We must bear in mind that what we are experiencing is a sign of the times in which we live. For in 1 Timothy, we are told that many will be lovers of themselves and without love etc. The violent crimes are but a reflection of the heart of man, which is desperately wicked. More can be added concerning this crime, but I will rest my case.

I call upon us all to pray more, give our hearts to Christ. We must return to the good old days of letting our children go to Sunday schools and put back Christ in the homes. We must ensure that our children pray to God and read the word of God. All of us must play our part in reducing this menace to society.

Kennard King