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November 25, 2016
Animal Farm comes full circle

EDITOR: It seems the ULP Government’s policy is assassination of the character, indeed, the very persona, of anyone displaying anything but absolute reverence to their father, son and Holy Ghost development/ management prescription for SVG. So, their attack dogs (borrowing Orwellian imagery) are let loose on Jomo Thomas to disembowel him with the bloodthirsty vengefulness a challenged Napoléon harbours. I understand government defending its “some are more equal than others” policies and its contempt for the views of the poor.{{more}} I have no beef with those hired to put spin on everything, creating the perfect governance mirage. And, I’m not worried about being crucified by hacks and intellectual wannabees. But when the Govern-ment grants licence to destroy even supporters courageous enough to want to help it do right by the people – which it claims is its mission – we are on the road to gulag. And, this is serious cause for concern!!

It was with great trepidation, but no surprise, I heard of Terry Bynoe’s dismissal. His family must starve because he shines a torch on the deal between Napoléon and the “farmers.” Political power loves operating in the shadows, so illumination is an unwelcomed dangerously exposing microscope! Terry MUST be crushed!! His redundancy and the bloodhounds’ attacks evidence the essence of a government bent on hoodwinking the blindsided poor. These hounds are merely a tool, and there’s no doubt “who let these dogs out,” as the ULP’s propaganda network is where they bare their dangerous fangs. Our focus must therefore be on WHY these heinous attacks were ordered.

This ULP’s unrighteous zeal to destroy Jomo, Terry and others is but a torturing means to an evil end. Theirs are voices pleading that suffering be heard! The Government wishes to silence them, hoping that its will would naturally follow; i.e. that basics rights – like fishing on Canouan – is abolished, and protest is strangled leading to the death of justice for the Black and poor of this country! Pre-Mandelian South Africa has arrived on Canouan! Yes, condemn Jomo and Terry, but, as Fidel said, history shall absolve them! I am certain!

Terry’s wish is to save something for our children. Jomo’s principles forced him to agree, but Gonsalves’ government would have none of it. Blind loyalty cherished! True loyalty scorned and punished!!! Are we living in a ULP Stalingrad, where supporters, who defend truth, put country ahead of party, and people before the enrichment of the party’s coffers, are guillotined? It’s amazing that Gonsalves’ decades of political struggle didn’t impart to him as Varoufakis postulates, “Politics is at its best when it enlightens us via an opponent’s insight.”

The ULP misleads the ignorant poor with sermons that the country must be put under the auctioneer’s hammer as we need jobs. Mondragon (Spain) and Emilia-Romagna (Italy) dispel this false doctrine. And, the truth is, these jobs pay next to nothing, with workers oftentimes going at least six months without being paid! Further, these “investors” refuse to pay the pittance they are supposed to as taxes. Most importantly, history shows it’s only when anemployee owns the business can he will his job to someone. People bequeath wealth to others, not jobs! Indeed the Diamond Industrial Estate and the smocking industry became employment deserts proving no job is subject to deed of gift; yet the government persists in selling the little wealth that may be left to our children. And, when Terry protest, the bellicose yap yap of their mad dogs is proffered as right thinking. This is shameful!

Is SVG an Orwellian style animal farm? Yes, this question is justified. Gonsalves once declared that Jomo will do a “Squealer” act and escape to the US. (In passing I do hope that Jomo remembers that Trotsky was hunted and finally sledgehammered to death in Mexico). This government is so paranoid it showed frozen heartless indifference to Terry’s young innocent children by chopping down his breadfruit tree. Regardless of your love for ULP, isn’t starving of innocent children evil? In this act the government has crawled on its stomach like a snake! But murder can’t hide! This is the beginning of fulfilment of the police’s promise to Terry, “This will end bad fo’ ALL ah you down here!”

Still the government could reclaim the moral high-ground and let suffering speak. In so doing fundamental rights will be promoted; struggle will have hope; and justice can never be buried. Demonizing those who speak not in opposition, but merely to give voice to suffering, is abandonment of “righting historical wrongs;” exposing it as dishonest sloganeering. Yes Mitchell, laugh, for animal farm has indeed come full circle only in a more vicious form, guarded by the ULP terror hounds!!

Dr Richard A Byron-Cox