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November 22, 2016
Will Dr Friday make the necessary sacrifices for NDP?

Editor: My reason for supporting the NDP after Sir James Mitchell left was because of Mr Eustace. I honestly thought that, if given the chance, he would have been a good prime minister for St Vincent and the Grena­dines (SVG). But the majority of Vincentians said no and denied him the opportunity, so I accept that democracy is alive in terms of Mr Eustace not being the prime minister. Remem­ber, the late Larry Bascombe said once Dr Gonsalves is the leader of the ULP, Mr Arnhim Eustace would never again attain the position of Prime Minister of SVG, and to this day, Larry Bascombe has proven to be correct.{{more}}

Vincentians who support the NPD are of the opinion that Mr Eustace’s leadership skills as the Opposition Leader should have reflected that of Dr Gonsalves when he was the Leader of the Opposi­tion, but Mr Eustace brought a different type of leadership as Opposition Leader. He supported numerous bills presented by Dr Gonsalves and the ULP in Parlia­ment, which would have benefitted SVG and that did not go over well with many supporters of the NDP.

Today, Mr Eustace has given way to Dr Friday to be the leader of the opposition. The question is, would Dr Friday rise to the expectations of Vincen­tians? Only time would tell! Yes, Dr Friday has equal qualifications as Dr Gonsalves, but being qualified is one thing. Is Dr Friday prepared to make the necessary sacrifices that are required? We all know that opposition politics is very challenging. Let me remind Vincen­tians that Dr Gonsalves took 40 years before gaining the position of prime minister, so Dr Friday should be aware of the fact that becoming the prime minister is no walk in the park!

One may ask my thoughts about Dr Friday becoming the leader of the opposition NDP. I don’t support Dr Friday’s appointment as the leader because Vincentians need a robust opposition leader and I think that type of politics can be harnessed by Mr Leacock. Dr Friday has not demonstrated any sort of aggressiveness on the opposition’s behalf as a parliamentarian, but over time, Mr Leacock has demonstrated the necessary political skills that are needed.

While I’m disappointed that Mr Leacock didn’t get the job to be the Leader of the Opposition, I’m wondering what are Mr Leacock’s thoughts about the other parliamentarians of the NDP who said no to him being the Opposition Leader? Could you imagine after the NDP parliamentarians said no to Mr Leacock, he is still considering being the leader of the NDP outside of Parliament! Ques­tions for Mr Leacock: You said Mr Eustace was forced out of the NDP; could you describe your relationship with Mr Eustace? After not getting the support to be the Opposition Leader, where does the future stand with you and the NDP?

Mr Leacock, I wrote to this newspaper about what is currently taking place in the ranks of the NDP. I would like to know if the NDP is having trouble with the executive members. My humble advice to you, Mr Leacock, is to leave the NDP to Dr Friday, because they don’t think you have what it takes to be the leader of the NDP.

Dr Lewis is the chair­ of the NDP. I’m wondering what are Dr Lewis’s thoughts about the appoint­ment of Dr Friday as the Leader of the Oppo­sition? Dr Lewis has all the qualities that are required to be the leader of the NDP, but with all those qualifications, he failed to impress Vincentians and that is why he never won his seat.

Some advice for Dr Lewis, forget about active politics; give Mr “Haz” Samuel the support that is needed to be the leader of the NDP outside of parliament, because the NDP needs someone who will attract young people to join the party.

As I come to an end, I would like to remind Mr Eustace that when he first came into politics, Mr Carlyle Dougan took him around; so, I’m truly hoping when the time comes for the candidate for East Kingstown to be chosen, Mr Eustace would take him or her around East Kingstown; after all it would be fair. Anyways, I gone.

Kingsley De Freitas