Our Readers' Opinions
November 11, 2016
Surrender to Christ

Editor: Congratulations are in order for the students who participated in the preliminaries of this year’s public speaking competition. The teachers also must be given credit for assisting the students and preparing them. Indeed the topic in one of the zones was an interesting one.

We know that homosexuality is both illegal and against the very nature of creation. Nowhere should we compare homosexuality to adultery. There is no comparison.{{more}} Adultery, like other sins, is wrong. However, adultery is not an abomination by God and is not against the very nature of creation. Man and woman, in the beginning of creation, were made for each other. So, while adultery is a sin and will be punished by God, it is not an abomination.

Homosexuality, on the other hand, is an abomination and goes against the very nature of creation. In the beginning, God created Adam and then he made Eve. He told them to be fruitful and multiply. God never put two persons of the same sex together and blessed them and told them to multiply. Other sins, including adultery, we can understand, despite the fact that it is wrong; but there is absolutely no reason for anyone to be involved in this lifestyle of being gay. God hates it.

If we are honest enough, we would agree that gays are not discriminated against. They are not side-lined when it comes to jobs and business and even association with other persons. Homosexuality is not legal in this country, and rightly so. However, it is no secret that many persons are practising gays. People generally accept them as persons and work along with them, but hate their lifestyle.

God loves everyone, including the GAYS, but he hates their practice and so, we should take that attitude. We ought to love every­one, including the GAYS, but hate their lifestyle.

It is not too late for those practising such an act to have a change by surrendering your life to Christ; turn from your wicked ways and ask the Lord to forgive you and He certainly will do that.

May we never reach the stage of legalizing homosexuality, for it would quicker bring the wrath of God upon this nation. May God grant us his favour and bless this nation.

Kennard King