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November 8, 2016
Is Talk Show Radio causing division?

Editor: Talk Show Radio is a part of a majority of Vincentians’ daily life, and once talk show radio is mentioned, the names Glen Jackson and EG Lynch must be remembered. They spoke extremely well for their political parties and definitely should not be forgotten for their contribution. Today, Vincen­tians are complaining about talk show radio because of the unwanted division it is creating in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Vincentians are worried and are searching for ways to dismiss this harmful division among Vincentians.{{more}}

First let’s talk about the Shake Up programme on WE FM 99.9; persons who host the Shake Up radio show are: Hans King, Elson Crick, Frank Da Silva, Clem Ballah and Edwin Snagg. These persons who host the Shake Up radio show give the impression that everything is going smoothly in SVG, yet we hear VIncentians complaining about crime, unemployment, victimization, inadequate health care and the damaged state of our economy. It’s ultimately frustrating when one listens to persons who speak for the ULP give false information, because Vincentians know the truth.

Vincentians are exhausted from this misleading information by persons who are afraid to speak the truth simply because of politics. Is it because they are afraid to voice their opinions because they fear the results? For some reason, if one decides to question certain things that the ULP should improve on, you will hear the questions “Why are you questioning the Government you support?”

It’s time for Dr Gonsalves and Julian Francis to insist that their mouthpieces tell Vincentians the truth; Dr Gonsalves, remember you promised us transparency. Recently, Reverend Davis, who is the Superin­tendent Minister of the Kingstown to Chateaubelair circuit, said that Vincentians need to pay more attention to values and righteousness and stop allowing political radio programmes to dictate their way of living.

It’s extremely good to see leaders of religious organizations asking questions and making comments about issues that are affecting St Vincent and the Grenadines; yet we must ask ourselves why they took so long; but better late than never! I’m fully supporting what Mr Davis said about focusing on our values. I’m wondering what are the thoughts of Bishop Sonny Williams, Dr George Frederick, Reverend Noel Clarke and Pastor Ollivierre about the comments made by Reverend Davis.

This political division is creating serious problems for our country; Vincentians are demanding that today’s radio talk show hosts take their jobs seriously, apply impartiality and put SVG before their political party. I’m making an appeal to Dr Gonsalves and the Leader of the Opposition Mr Eustace to insist that persons who speak on behalf of their political parties speak on policies that show a way forward for our country and stop fighting down each other. Can you imagine that Mr Eustace sat in the middle seat in the studio of the Nice Radio programme hearing callers and the host of the programme making negative comments and he sat idly by and refused to rebuke them. Mr Eustace is a man of principle and I’m asking him to please don’t make politics get the better of him; he should do what he knows is right. If the NDP stands any chances of winning the next general election, they need to lead from the front and advise their spokespersons that our country’s interest should be priority.

Some advice for the NDP — please stop attacking Sir James Mitchell, who is the founder of the NDP. Instead, put emphasis on their policies and the way forward for SVG and most importantly stop the witch-hunt of Dr Gonsalves. I gone!

Kingsley De Freitas