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November 4, 2016
The street corner classroom, a dangerous place

Editor: Some may call them little hustlers or scammers. As for me, I see them as lost children. With their sympathetic faces, soft-toned voices and mindful manners, addressing you as ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ they ‘beg’ for just a dollar. I despise the reality of young boys hogging the street corners of popular fast food restaurants day and night, seeking out strange men and women, who may exploit them, for a dollar. Their stories vary from “mom is sick” to “dad does not support us” and “we have no food”.{{more}}

Have you ever wondered how much they really collect in a day’s hustle? Young primary school boys, neatly dressed, with clean clothing and shoes still intact, begging….. my mind screams “WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?” Why aren’t they worried about the whereabouts of their baby boys when the sun gives way for the moon to shine? So many of us are guilty of allowing this trend to escalate; oh yes, we are; when they ‘beg’, we give in and award them with that silver coin. That coin spreads the word of this new moneymaking phenomenon, while increasing the begging figures.

With all the knowing dangers of rape, abuse, and murder occurring in our society, why are we not worried about our young boys? No amount of money they collect can, to my mind, compensate for the dangers these boys expose themselves to in our city at nights. Citizens, I plead with each of you to cease enabling these young boys in their acts of solicitation. Instead, contact a school near you which has a feeding programme, and consider making a one-time or regular contribution, where a needy child can benefit from a hot meal each day. Let’s keep them in the classroom and off the street corners.