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November 4, 2016
The sex culture

Editor: Without doubt there exists in this country and many other countries a culture of sex. Sex is simply seen as a way of life. The many sexual crimes and activities associated with sex are not anything new. It has always existed, the culture of sex, but it has been under cover. Thankfully, many ladies who were victims of sex crimes are now coming forward. We have to agree that some of the cases reported are fabricated, while others are indeed true. Unfortu­nately some cases never get tried in a court of law.{{more}}

Persons who choose to remain faithful until marriage are seen as strange. The culture is that once a person says ‘I love you,” then it is a licence to have sex. Gone are the days when love was something cherished and sacred and also meant a lot. Today, it carries a different meaning. Saying to someone ‘I love you,’ many times means that I want to have sex with you. The philosophy today is that once you are in love with someone, sex is a must. This has led to many broken hearts and other psychological problems.

Incest, rape, sexual abuse and child molestation plus other types of sex crimes have always existed, but they were kept undercover for various reasons. If a survey is done, we would be surprised to hear of the many ladies today who were victims of sex, for various reasons. Also, it might be shocking to learn there are persons who we may consider upright and clean, who have been involved in this sex culture. It is widely accepted as the norm. Nothing, they say, is free, so a lady becomes a victim of sexual acts in order to have the favour done.

It is sad that even today in the churches, many persons are actively involved in sex privately. The idea of purity seems no longer to exist. So a lady willingly gives her body to a man in the name of love. If she does not, she is considered weird or not in love. While I don’t support sexual abuse, we have to agree that many ladies have allowed themselves to be used by men, for it is all part of the sex culture. You must have sex. You cannot be lovers and not have sex. So, after a period of time, the relationship breaks up, then the lady gives in to another man and the cycle continues.

Even in marriages there is so much unfaithfulness. So many partners have been involved in this sex culture secretly, for we are living in an age of change and technology that it is done secretly. For many, one partner is not enough, or sometimes as part of being a good friend, persons (mainly ladies) offer themselves sexually in exchange for favours. How sad.

Kennard King