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November 4, 2016
I am one willing to establish a venture at Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope

Editor: I had made a silent pledge not to write too often to the press to comment on matters of national interest, but some queries raised recently on radio by former Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell, have made me change this position.{{more}}

One of Sir James’ questions, according to my interpretation, is: Are there Vincentians capable and willing to establish a venture at Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope of the magnitude, or which surpasses what (according to the Ralph Gonsalves-led regime) is being contemplated by ‘Canadian investors’? My answer is in the affirmative. A resounding ‘Yes’! I am such a Vincen­tian. There are others. Some are (or are rightly fearful of) being hindered, or even cut down, by a vicious anti-black entrepreneurship aggression, which is aided and abbetted by persons who currently hold the reins of state power. We must never forget the cases of Leon “Bigger Bigs” Samuel, Monica Ross, Ormiston Ken Boyea and others.

I am on record of supporting a venture at Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope which incorporates the excellent ideas of Mathew Thomas, Oscar Allen and others. What is being supported and vigorously promoted by both Sir James and Prime Minister Gonsalves pales by comparison. I have never trusted both gentlemen! Together they can be dangerous and deadly (politically). Ask former Attorneys-General, Parnel Campbell and Carlyle Dougan, as well as Arnhim Eustace (the latest target of the combined wrath of these two ‘white men’). Why do we no longer hear about Bensecome Adamas (not his real name)? Do you remember him? Who really is he? What are the findings of the Ottley Hall investigators? Was the “inquiry”only a farce? A master stroke?

I am not against the Canadian investors. I am instead strongly opposed to their proposed plans for Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope. Their business concept, in my opinion, is more suited to ventures previously promoted by the owners of the privately-owned islets of Isle de Quatre and Petit Mustique. I wish to suggest that the Canadians negotiate with the owners of these islets. I am willing to bet that they would be accommodated by those of Isle de Quatre!

History and future generations will not be kind to those who insist on establishing a business venture at Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope (of the type being promoted by the Ralph Gonsalves-led regime with the suspicious support of Sir James Mitchell), at the expense of alternatives which will be more beneficial to the country and its people.

I will end by repeating what I also said at the end of my piece in Searchlight of October14. 2016, in which I wrote:” Ventures, such as those being proposed by Mathew Thomas and Oscar Allen, are about empowering us as a people. The ‘hotel development’ at Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope, as promoted by Dr Ralph Gonsalves and Sir James Mitchell, will do the opposite – keep us in servitude, as slavery did.

“Calypsonian Black Messenger (Michael John) once sang:’We’re tired of eating crumbs..We want the whole bread now…’ I endorse Messenger’s sentiments. Down with the sale of Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope! Massa Day must done!”

Bernard Joseph