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October 28, 2016
Pull up yo’ socks!

(A message to the distributors of Omega XL)

Editor: Over a period of years, my doctor has been prescribing various types of medication in keeping with my complaints and physical condition. Even though I am told how to use the medication, I usually read the instructions which are printed on paper and enclosed in the product into which the medication is placed.{{more}}

Let me take Contiflo XL (Tamsulosin Hydro­chloride) as an example. The box contains thirty 400 micrograms capsules, which retails for $10 and has information printed on paper, such as “what it is used for’; “how much to take”; “how often to take it” etc, etc.

There is an ongoing and very impressive advertisement on the local television which encourages persons to use Omega XL for joint pains. I fell for the ad and purchased a container, at a pharmacy in Kingstown, which held 30 soft gel capsules at a cost of $80. Unfortunately, when I tried to read the directions which were printed on the little bottle-shaped container, there being no printed paper, I was unable to recognize clearly what was written thereon, even though I wear spectacles. I was forced to ask the gentleman at the pharmacy how was the medication to be taken. Thank you again, sir, for your assistance.

Imagine medication which sells for $10 gives full and legible information, but the one which retails at $80, the information is hopelessly inadequate and strenuous to read.

Please, manufacturer, distributor/agent, or whosoever is responsible for marketing this product, do not disrespect Vincentians like that – JUST PULL YO’ SOCKS UP!

Raul U Soso