Our Readers' Opinions
October 18, 2016
Haiti, I’m sorry!

Editor: The recent devastation by Hurricane Matthew brought to mind the words of the song, “Haiti, I’m sorry” by David Rudder.

Watching the pictures of the devastation brought tears to the eyes of many. Indeed, the Haitians have been through and continue to go through much. They are regarded as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. They continue to be hit by many disasters, be it natural or man-made in the case of political unrest.{{more}}

The earthquake of 2010 was destructive. They have not recovered yet from that disaster, but continue to face other disasters. Then comes, Hurricane Matthew. Oh how the Haitians are people of resilience. They have endured much and continue to do so, but have been surviving.

We know that Haiti is famous for its voodoo practice. Is it that God is angry with Haiti and is judging them? Or is it a blessing in disguise after all that they went through? Whatever views you take, one thing remains certain is that God loves the Haitians as HE does all of us. He, however, warns us when we are going astray. He also acts in judgement when his warnings have been ignored.

Let us continue to remember Haiti in our prayers. Let us learn from Haiti and walk in the path of righteousness. Most of all, let us, as a people, seek to be our brothers’ keepers.

May God bless Haiti! Indeed, Haiti, I am sorry for all that you went through and are currently going through. Haiti, I am sorry for you being the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Be that as it may, one day we hope you will rise. Haiti, we love and would continue to pray for you.

Kennard King