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October 11, 2016
Eustace, you are wrong about Mt Wynne/Peters Hope investment

Editor: I sometimes wonder who advises the NDP on their policy in regard to national issues.

A few weeks ago, the Leader of the Opposition Mr Eustace said if and when the NDP wins the next general election, they would develop a diplomatic relationship with mainland China, instead of the Republic of Taiwan. To this present day, Vincentians are still waiting on Mr Eustace, to give a reason for the drastic change of policy. After over 30 years of relations with Taiwan, on the eve of 37 years of independence, it’s extremely frightening to hear the NDP state that they will make a change because mainland China is recognized by the United Nations.{{more}}

There is no doubt that over the years Taiwan has been good to us as a nation; yes, they could have done much more from a technical stand-point; yet, we are still immensely grateful. It’s a mystery as to why the NDP would change their policy, but I’m guessing Mr Eustace has his reasons.

I’m hoping that Mr Eustace understands that he is dealing with a politician like Mr Gonsalves, who has influence on most Vincentians and would make them believe that Taiwan is the best option for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Some questions for Mr Eustace: What would the NDP benefit from mainland China in opposition? Did you consult the chairman Dr Linton Lewis before making such a decision? Do you think that is the best choice for St Vincent and the Grenadines? Mr Eustace, by deciding to move relations from Taiwan to mainland China don’t you realize that you’re making it tremendously easy for Dr Gonsalves to obtain more help from Taiwan?

Your choice is a very bad political move and it will definitely backfire on you and the NDP. Vincentians are confused by your position on Taiwan and they are waiting on your reasons, so they better be good.

We keep hearing Mr Eustace saying that something needs to be done to create jobs, so when Dr Gonsalves made statements about the investment at Mt Wynne/Peter’s Hope, I said yes! The Prime Minister spoke about how the investment would be a major job creator and will provide immediate and long-term jobs for Vincentians.

With what took place in Canouan I’m very sure that Dr Gonsalves will ensure that there is common understanding between all parties involved to ensure that the situation in Canouan doesn’t reoccur at Mt Wynne.

I’m very surprised with Mr Eustace and the NDP’s position with this proposed development.

When I say Vincentians are confused and weary with the NDP, some supporters gave me a very hard time, simply for my opinion! Imagine development is coming, but the NDP is opposing it; but let me remind Mr Eustace that he once said any development that is good he will follow. Yet, all of a sudden, Mr Eustace is playing politics with St Vincent and the Grena­dines’ development. Some questions for Mr Eustace: Why were the roads changed at Mt Wynne/ Peter’s Hope estate? Whose idea was it putting the lands in as equity? Why are you allowing persons like Luzette King, Igal Adams and Mathew Thomas to mislead you on this issue? Do you think it’s okay to play politics with persons’ development?

Mr Eustace, you have it wrong with this particular investment and I’m hoping that you would stop and think and refrain from making further adverse statements about that investment. I’m really hoping that the NDP would realize that the country needs this investment.

Another issue, the NDP is creating a fuss about wanting Sir Louis Straker to prove that he has denounced his US citizenship. I’m agreeing with Mr Stanley “Stalky” John QC, with his opinion that Sir Louis Straker wouldn’t lie about giving up his American citizenship. I’m asking the NDP to please leave it alone. Take my advice, Sir Louis Straker doesn’t need to prove anything; the burden of proof lies with the NDP. So, please leave it alone or it may cause your party great embarrassment!

Anyways, I gone!

Kingsley DeFreitas