Our Readers' Opinions
September 30, 2016
Another year of existence of SVGS

Editor: Congratulations are in order for yet another year of existence of the St Vincent Boys Grammar School. I am proud to be a former student of this institution. Looking back I had many fond memories, as well as the bad and ugly ones.{{more}}

It is true to say that times and seasons have changed. In our days as students, we were well disciplined. We could not be seen indulging in illegal things. We had respect for others, unlike today. In those days you could not see a Grammar School boy wearing earrings out of school and wearing his uniform. Indeed, times have changed. There were no fancy phones that distracted us.

We wore our uniforms proudly and took pride in knowing that we went to the SVBGS. There was a certain level of satisfaction and feeling proud in wearing that uniform. Today, it is not so. We see boys being disrespectful, ill-disciplined and doing illegal things while even wearing the uniform. We respected our uniform and teachers, not so today.

We had some of the better teachers. These persons were committed to the profession and were interested in us doing well. They gave their all to us. Of course, there were those who did not give of their best, but by and large, most of them did their best and had the students at heart.

I was blessed to be taught by some very good teachers; amongst them were: Mr FI Jack, Mrs Jean Walker, CP Hall, Oswald Nanton and the list can go on. Mr Winston Baptiste was a quiet, but firm individual and principal. Whenever he was seen visiting, you could have heard a pin drop. He was highly respected.

The present headmaster, Mr Curtis King, was one of those students taught by some of the above mentioned. I would wish that this current crop of teachers would show the dedication and commitment of those who taught us before. For teaching should not just be done for the salary, but a love for people and a commitment to see the students do their best.

I realize that we are living in a different age and with many other distractions. Thus teaching can be more difficult than years gone by. We have students with bad attitude and disrespect. However, despite all of the above, teachers are to be like parents to children and show concern and interest in the development of children. They should never reach the point where they are not concern if the children learn or not.

Thanks Grammar School. To the present head teacher and staff, I offer my best wishes to you all and hope that you all will give of your best. Let this institution continue to be held in high esteem.

Kennard King