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September 27, 2016
Congrats to North Leeward

Editor: In this week’s article, I wish to extend congratulations to some persons in North Leeward. First of let me take this opportunity to congratulate Kesrick Williams on his selection to the West Indies T/20 squad. Let’s hope that he is not just a member of the squad who sits on the bench, but will be given the opportunity to play and give of his best.

We know that Kesrick Williams is a young man from Spring Village in North Leeward.{{more}}

We have heard and read of the ACE (Access to College Education). This programme we know is the brainchild of the ULP caretaker for North Leeward, the Hon Senator Carlos James. This is indeed commendable. This programme is in its third year. The honourable

senator should be highly compli-mented, for this initiative. What is even more complimentary are the facts that he started it before entering Parliament and that is not a government sponsored programme, but rather one where he, Mr James, was able to attract sponsors. Hats off to Carlos James.

It is my hope that the students will make use of this opportunity and do their best in college. Also I trust that the parents and students will be grateful for this opportunity to receive assistance for their college education.

Congratulations are in order to the Petit Bordel Secondary School for being in existence for 40 years now. Indeed, despite the negatives that some may attribute to this institution it is doing well. For in this year’s CXC, they had a pass rate of about 60 per cent. Let us continue to support and wish this school all the best.

I believe that the staff and students, along with their parents, are grateful for the facelift that was given to this school for the commencement of this new school term.

Leopold Anthony, often referred to as “teacher Anto,” recently celebrated his 95th birthday. He is originally from Troumaca and spent most of his teaching life in service to several schools in North Leeward. This writer, who was taught by him, takes this opportunity to wish him all the best and thank him for his dedicated service to this country.

Of course, besides being an educator, we know that he was a very good musician and the founder of the famous string band out of North Leeward. Teacher Anto, we salute you and wish you all the best.

Indeed, North Leeward has many positives to be grateful for and to talk about. Keep on shining, North Leeward.

Kennard King