Our Readers' Opinions
September 20, 2016
‘Kitchen Corner’ needs to showcase more local foods

EDITOR: As an avid cook, I enjoy seeing the recipe section, “Kitchen Corner” in your newspaper. However, in the past several publications, the recipes have included ingredients that are not locally grown and expensive to source. How many Vincentians can afford a bag of imported shrimp or fresh strawberries? {{more}}The recipe in your September 13 publication was for jelly donuts. Seriously? The country is battling rising obesity rates and the metabolic diseases are on the rise to the point of being an epidemic, and you publish a recipe for jelly donuts?

I can appreciate that people are looking for variety in their meals, but one doesn’t have to resort to expensive imported foodstuffs to achieve this. Why not showcase recipes that use local products in new and imaginative ways? Why not a breadfruit shepherds’ pie or breadfruit gnocchi? Currently we are in full avocado and starfruit (‘five fingers’) season; where are the recipes? Guacamole, salads, salsas, and spreads? And if you must publish something for the sweet tooth, why not mango muffins with passion fruit glaze, or a healthy carrot cake made with local coconut oil and whole grain flour?

The sky is the limit as long as one has imagination. Eating local, eating healthy…everyone wins.

Ivona Bradley