Our Readers' Opinions
September 13, 2016
Thank you, Mr Raymond England!

EDITOR: For many years, Mr Raymond England has brought you entertainment so that the SVG community can get together and celebrate our uniqueness!  Through his Homegrown entertainment forum, Mr England has provided a stage for local and international artistes to showcase their talent, while at the same time promoting and establishing the rich culture of the Caribbean region. {{more}}

Among others, we have laughed with comedian Marc Trinidad, listened to the rich, melodious voice of Jay Douglas and gotten nostalgic when we heard calypsos sung in the the “old time” genre. On October 1st, Mr England, in gratitude for the support he has received from our community over the years, will be giving back to our community by bringing to you once again an evening to celebrate our culture. According to Mr England, October 1st will be his last show. An evening of good laughs, good music and rich talent is in store for you.

Let us thank Mr England for his years of cultural service to our community by coming out on October 1st to show our appreciation for his contribution to the arts of the Caribbean. Please see the attached flyer for all information.

Prudence Morton

President, SVGAT