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September 13, 2016
Lawyer vs Politician

EDITOR: I read a handbook about lawyers. It said, among many other things, lawyers advise and represent individuals, businesses and Government agencies on legal issues and disputes. It went on to define lawyers’ duties as to advise and represent clients in courts, before Government agencies and private legal matters etc, to present facts in writing and verbally to their clients or others and argue on behalf of their clients.{{more}} The different categories of lawyers are: Environmental Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Family Lawyer, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Securities Lawyer, and Litigation Lawyer. At no time was Political Lawyer mentioned. I say this too because in SVG most of our lawyers like they are saying to the voting public, I am a lawyer, but I can do a better job as a politician than a lawyer.

Madam Editor, I read with amazement that the New Democratic Party, South Central Windward constituency division, on Thursday night, selected “lawyer” Israel Bruce as their choice of candidate for the next General Elections in that district. It also went on to say Bruce won in a landslide against British Virgin Island-based

communications professional, Sean Rose. What is a landslide? In a constituency where a party scored over 1,888 votes in the 2015 election, 29 becomes a landslide? The person who got the landslide ran against himself and went on to say he feels confident about his chances in South Central Windward, even though the article I was reading said “South Central Leeward.” How could a lawyer be thinking this way: “the reflection of the voting outcome is indicative to me and it is a pretty loud and sound message”… 29 votes? Come on! What kind of unison, absolute unison are you talking about Mr Bruce? It makes me wonder whether at all, all lawyers have had a larger influence on society through political office than they have had in the courtroom or anywhere at all. Thank you.