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September 9, 2016
Rose Bank should be appreciated more

Editor: The village of Rose Bank is a nice community. Like all other villages it has its negatives and positives. However, the people are who make a village what it is.

The ROSE BANK DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (ROBDA) has been in existence for some 29 years. Despite many challenges, it has soldiered on for these many years. On Saturday, September 3, it gave school gifts to those children who successfully passed the CPEA. This effort is indeed commendable.{{more}} One can recall that after its inception some 29 years ago, it was involved in a literacy programme. Thus it is an organization tailored to the needs of the community. One of its setbacks is the absence of sponsorship for some of its programmes.

Rose Bank is also famous for sports and culture. From time to time, ROBDA organized softball village cricket with much success. Besides ROBDA, a couple months ago another resident whom most people know as “Bugsy,” successfully organized a village softball competition.

Because of the absence of a playing field, it had to be played on the hard court. Oh, how we long for the return to use of the Dark View playing field. When the playing field was functioning, it made the village an attractive place, for many cricket teams from as far as Fancy and other areas came to this village weekly to play cricket. It brought the community together. Today, efforts are made by some residents to have the park remodelled and once again be in use. They, however, need the necessary support. Unfortunately, despite many things that this village is noted for, it has been a much neglected community by governments and other organizations over the years.

To date there are still many neglected areas, such as pot holes in the road and broken intervillage roads and steps that were damaged since the disaster of 2013.

Despite these many deficiencies, the village is a stronghold for the ruling ULP. Maybe they are taken for granted. This writer encourages the authorities to pay some attention to this village. After all, they are humans and when frustration gets a hold of any person, it can be a dangerous thing. Taking someone for granted can turn out to be the detriment for the ruling party.

ROSE BANK is indeed a very important village in this country and one with much potential and talent. So, let them feel appreciated and treat them well. God bless you all.

Kennard King