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August 23, 2016
Yo na daarg: dogs on the crossing!

Editor: On Wednesday, August 17, at 2:36 p.m., a dog, supposedly of no distintinctive breed, namely one of our ethnic “…. hounds,” was struck in the vicinity of the ET Joshua Airport.

What was most significant, though, about the incident was that this animal was struck, not NEAR the crossing, but unquestionably ON the crossing!{{more}}

For some time now, with great delight, I have been noticing that our four-legged friends CHOOSE to cross at these designated pedestrian crossings. I have noticed this on several occasions, notably in Calliaqua near to the Fishmarket/Playing Field entrance, at the Sion Hill intersection, in Kingstown near to the old JU-C building and a few times at the crossing under reference near to the ET Joshua Airport.

Kindly permit me to appeal to drivers to be on the look-out for people as usual, but also for DOGS, which rightly and sensibly utilize these crossings. Maybe psychologists can explain why the average dog uses the crossing and why the average human fails to use the crossing. So, when any dog has to suffer the “misfortune” of being harmed when he is doing what he perceives to be right, it is a sad reflection and a breach of the trust that these “dumb” animals have placed in us humans.

It is indeed heart-warming to note that, at least on these occasions, the dogs have something to teach us humans: cross on the crossing!

Gerelyn D John