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August 19, 2016
Two important words

Editor: Before I get into todays’ topic, let me first of all offer my thanks to the government for sending out the road gangs and for assisting us with some of the problems in North Leeward in terms of the road. Also, a hearty congratulations to the new Commissioner of Police, Mr Hadaway who hails from North Leeward and his deputy Mr Colin John. I personally wish these two gentlemen all the best in their new role and to ensure that an improvement is made in the police force and improve the confidence of the people in the police.{{more}}

Now, two of the most important words, which, if we accept and live by them, we will have a better SVG and by extension the world. These words are: LOVE and FORGIVENESS.

John 3: 16, one of the best verses in the Bible speaks to these two words. God loves every one of us and so should we do to each and every one. With him, there is no discrimination. Thus we should follow our Lord and Master. Since he loves us, the question therefore is, “do we accept his love?” If we have accepted his love then we are to demonstrate that. If we have accepted his love and are demonstrating it, then we would treat each other as brothers and sisters. We would stop the killing, pulling down and hate.

Forgiveness is, humanly speaking, hard to do. However we are reminded in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6: 15 that we ought to forgive and he further states that if we don’t forgive men we would not be forgiven. God is willing to forgive us of our sins, but have we received his forgiveness. If we do, then let us forgive one another.

Often times many persons fail to forgive themselves so they constantly live in the past and they fail to move on. Even in relationships, we fail to forgive each other and so we end up with broken homes and shattered families. When we fail to forgive because we have not been forgiven by God, then we would always seek revenge. This too has been at the heart of many crimes in our nation and the world at large. Lack of forgiveness has caused much of the political division in our nation. It has broken many homes and lives.

If as a people we have to move on, then we must accept God’s love and receive his forgiveness. We must love each other and forgive one another (1 John 4: 7 &8). Failure to do so, we would always have wars, crimes and many ills in the family. Politicians and no man can make this world better, it is only when we accept God’s love for us and receive his forgiveness, and then we would have a better SVG. God bless us all.

Kennard King