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August 19, 2016
The Prime Minister’s kindness is overwhelming

Editor: Please permit me a space in your column to express my views about the Prime Minister’s overwhelming kindness. I was very happy indeed after reading about the Prime Minister’s overwhelming kindness to NDP political activist, Laverne Phillips, when he actually chartered a flight from St Vincent to Barbados, in order for her to have a magnetic resonance imaging to detect the swelling of the brain.{{more}}

The Prime Minister’s kindness must be regarded as top class also, because he basically helped someone who is one of the opposition party’s political activists, and a person who always deliberately criticized him and his Cabinet on a daily basis.

The NDP, however, never really volunteered to assist this particular person in any regard, but was very quick to criticize her for accepting the generous offer, and she apparently accepted it because it basically meant life or death, and definitely a reason the other members of the party may not have really thought about, because of their selfishness and total ignorance.

Everton Mercury