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July 29, 2016
Why are NDP activists preaching violence?

Editor: The NDP is currently in opposition and it’s time for them to do their job with diligence; our country would be much better off if the NDP do their job. Mr Eustace, who is the current leader of the party, is at liberty to receive some level of criticism because of his lack of leadership.{{more}}

I was listening to the New Times programme on Nice Radio on December 15, 2015, when I heard the host, who claims to be a Christian, use the programme to urge Vincentians and in particular, the NDP supporters, to use violence to get the attention of the Government.

It’s very frightening to hear the NDP encourage Vincentians to be violent if they don’t get their way. The NDP claims to be kinder and gentler, but that’s just talk. Could you imagine a political party encouraging its supporters to be violent? Yes, sometimes I sit and wonder how can Vincen­tians obtain the attention of Dr Gonsalves in today’s society.

Is the Government doing enough to address the issues in SVG?

Besides voicing our opinions on talk radio, writing in the newspaper and using social media, how else can poor people get some attention? Some may say the Opposition should help, but the fact is the Government always gets its way, regardless of whether they are right or wrong and what we see happening in Parliament. So, Vincentians are always at a disadvantage whenever they think their rights are being violated; that doesn’t mean Vincentians should resort to violence. So, I’m not supporting the NDP’s thinking that violence will bring what you desire.

Dr Jules Ferdinand who claims he is a believer, I’m hoping he will try to point the NDP in the correct direction in terms of their position where they should not resort to violence. How could a Christian man like Dr Ferdinand be associated with a party that thinks violence is the only choice when comes to getting the attention of Dr Gonsalves?

The question is, how can Vincentians deal with issues that affect them in today’s society? Form themselves into groups and organizations, hold their elected parliamentarians accountable. Call on persons like Jomo Thomas, Renwick Rose, Dr Ferdinand, Blazer Williams, Parnell Campbell (QC) and Dr Adrian Fraser, who write and have some level of influence with their writing. I’m calling on them to do a bit more than just write; don’t sit aside and let persons like Margaret Lon­don, Alwin Lewis, Carlyle Douglas, Luzette King, Igal Adams and Nick Francis mislead this country with their negativity. Vincentians and non-nationals deserve much better.

For those Vincentians who are professionals and have a lot to offer, it’s time for you to play your role in making this country a better place to live by sharing your thoughts; don’t leave it to today’s politicians. They are failing us and it’s very disappointing. Young people need guidance and these professionals who are so absent in making their voices heard need to help young people in SVG.

It’s time for us as Vincentians to help each other, regardless of party. Let’s work together to make SVG a better place to live. Crime and criminal activities are having a negative impact on our country, yet persons who speak for the NDP are suggesting to their supporters to use violence to capture the attention of the Prime Minister. Let me remind them that for 2016, there have been 15 homicides so far. Property break-ins are frightening. It’s having a negative impact on our tourism and it is putting a financial strain on our economy. The police are complaining that they don’t receive help from the public and that should not be; so, I’m appealing to the public to be more helpful; crime fighting is everybody’s job. I hope these politicians who are advocating violence would stop.

Kingsley DeFreitas