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July 29, 2016
Secondary schools: To repeat or expel? That is my question

Editor: I have been asking myself the following question over the years about our secondary schools: Is the main aim to repeat the students or expel them?

Quite recently, I encountered a mother of a student who was expelled from a secondary school. She lamented that all the other schools she approached are full, so she was in a state of: What must she do, leave him on the streets?{{more}}

I would like to inform the Ministry of Education that something seriously needs to be done to ensure that the students graduate from school. The primary levels also have their problems, but hardly repeat the students because of the ‘In, Up and Out’ system. Why can’t it be the same for the secondary schools? The schools seem to want to compete for highest passes at CSEC, but I think an in­ves­tigation should be done into the number of failures and expelled students as well. Stop putting masks over your ugly faces to cover up your weaknesses.