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July 19, 2016
Is ‘Vincy Mas’ getting any better?

Editor: Carnival in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is where Vincentians get the opportunity to demonstrate certain aspects of our culture. Vincentians look forward to the Carnival season mainly because they see it as an opportunity to “free up”, as we Vincies say. Apart from being a cultural event, Carnival in SVG should be seen as a business, where craftsmen and women get to display their trade, talent and creativity. The question many Vincentians are asking is: Is Vincy Mas getting any better? My humble opinion is yes! I have seen some improvement with the Miss SVG queen show. {{more}}Ms Rodriguez can take some compliments for trying; over the years, she has produced quality queen shows and she must be commended. Some say it’s time for her to go, but to be replaced by whom? All those who constantly criticize her, why don’t they make themselves available?

The chair of the CDC, Mr Dennis Ambrose, asked a very important question: Why are we not seeing more people at CDC shows? Many Vincentians are saying the answer to this question is that our mas men and women, calypsonians, pan men and women and persons who ply their trade should be much more creative in what they are selling. A better effort must be made by those involved in these simple aspects of Carnival. We can’t always blame CDC. The consumer is demanding more and that is why we are having a fallout at the CDC shows. It’s truly unfair to blame Mr Dennis Ambrose and Mr Ashford Woods for what is taking place at the CDC events. The question is what more can they do?

Every year, around the Carnival season, when one listens to Hot 97.1 FM, Chris Jones aka (2 Kool Chris) and Luke Boyea have all sorts of negative comments to make about the CDC. They think having a show at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex is Carnival. I’m suggesting to the relevant authorities to find two spots on the board of directors of the CDC for Mr Chris Jones aka 2 Kool Chris and Mr Luke Boyea. We might just find the remedy; remember they know it all and they both remind me of Randy D’s “all talk and no action”. Let’s stop playing the blame game!

It’s not a matter of defaming the CDC chair, because there is some room for improvement with the Miss Carival show. Guest artiste Mr Marlon Roudette aka Mattafix was a very excellent incentive and it should be continued. Miss Carival is a show that can be transformed into an epic event. Spend more on production and turn the show into a family affair. Miss Carival is an event that has the potential to do great things. The juniors and the primary school calypso competitions were poor this year, while we saw a little improvement with the senior calypso competition. I think it’s time for only finalists to be selected with this limitation; this would assist with the lyrical content of the calypsonians. It would be an excellent incentive for them to produce more quality lyrics for listeners. Numerous Vincentians still love the art of calypso; calypso still sweet!

The mas bands continued with their production of recycling mas every year. Isn’t it time for something different? Steel and Glitter is a show that will deliver over a period of time; why? Simply because there is a renewed interest in pan.

Soca Monarch continues to be CDC’s biggest seller, but they must be very mindful of that when dealing with the selection of the MCs for this show. Bing was a complete waste of time and Candy Man is only for queen shows. So please, I’m asking the CDC to select quality and suitable persons to MC the Soca Monarch show.

Ole mas and the J’Ouvert were poor this year. The CDC needs to take a note of this and make an effort to work on those aspects. We must commend the CDC for the security aspect of Carnival; it was remarkable this year. The police must take credit as well.

Vincy Mas 2016 was a good production and I must say a job well done to the CDC and those involved.

I gone!!

Kingsley De Freitas