Our Readers' Opinions
June 28, 2016
Ask God’s forgiveness!

EDITOR: I am not a born-again Christian, but I am a believer in God and Christianity. I honestly think that’s a life more Vincentians should live. Being a Christian is a hard life to live because God has set high standards when he came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ. To be a Christian one must be Christlike, being Christlike is a challenge. Why? Everyone knows perfection can only be found with God.{{more}}

I took some time off to visit a building where a service was being held for a friend of mine who is deceased. I sat and I listened to the pastor preaching about life after death. I was very confused with his preaching. The reason Christ came to earth was for the remission of man’s sin; he paid the price for all because we were born in sin. After paying the ultimate price for us, we were forgiven our sins, but that doesn’t mean we should live without meaning. Christ is the reason why we are living and we all have a responsibility to live for Christ once we are alive, because He is life.

I think it’s unfair when one attends a church service which is being held for a deceased person and the preacher is telling you to pray for the deceased person’s sins. I truly think that is one responsibility they should do when they are alive. The preacher should use that occasion to remind those who are alive to seek God’s forgiveness. It’s time for persons who are referred to as pastors, deacons, bishops and Christians to stop fooling people and to teach from the Bible and not their confused opinion.

The Bible is very clear on its teaching of who is a Christian and today’s society is having so many difficulties with the community that calls themselves Christians. To be a Christian one must be honest, truthful, living and be Christlike; that is what Jesus Christ expects from us. Sometimes, I wonder with all these denominations if that is the reason why we are so confused with religion and its teaching. Some questions for the community that call themselves Christians: Why are we having so many problems with today’s society? Is Christianity failing? What is the purpose of the church, besides looking for concessions? What is the purpose of the Christian Council? What is the church and the Christian organizations doing to help this country? More needs to be done for this country by the Christian community.

Some say that our churches are filled with hypocrites and that hinders them from attending church; I think that shouldn’t be the situation. If you, as an individual, decide to dedicate your life to God, then you must never let another influence your choice. We should focus on living in the way God wants us to. Live in accordance to His words. Life is a gift and we must ensure we use that gift wisely. Asking for forgiveness is our right, so I’m asking Vincentians to repent and live in accordance with his words and not the opinion of pastors and Christians who aren’t teaching the word of the Bible.
Our country needs to pray and ask God for forgiveness.

Kinsley DeFreitas