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June 24, 2016
We should try to avoid negative by-products of Carnival

Editor: Carnival celebrations in SVG are in “full swing,” and both young and old are participating by attending some or all of the planned events. I note, however, that there is cause for concern, especially among our youths (females), who are our future leaders.{{more}}

The Methodist Church Superintendent has joined the ever present voices of the Evangelicals and Pentecostals condemning the hosting of our annual carnival festival by a Government sponsored agency.

Historians have traced the origins of Carnival to the enslaved people in the countries where slavery existed in the New World, e.g. the Caribbean, Brazil and Louisiana in the United States of America. Carnival has now mushroomed to several countries in Europe, United Kingdom and cities in Canada and North America.

The artistry of the components of Carnival, namely steel band, masquerade and calypso and more recently soca, comes from God-given creative expression of the individuals. The talents of persons in the areas of music, song writing, dance, costume design and productions combine to generate the spirit of Carnival.

The festival continues to attract visitors and returning nationals, whose spending contribute significantly to the economy.

However, like other areas of life there are the negative effects which are present. The presence of young girls at Arnos Vale last Friday evening, purportedly advertising Guinness, was one such negative display. They may have been contracted by the company, but their interpretation of their assignment left much to be desired.

We must promote the festival, but try to avoid the unnecessary negative “by-products”. In our democratic system of governance, can the Government prescribe individual behaviour?