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June 21, 2016
Trust the Father in Heaven… He can meet all our needs

Editor: Psalm 68:5 – A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.

Blessed Father’s Day to all Fathers.

As we know, everything in this life has its origin. In my research I found this article concerning Father’s Day, and I quote:

“A hard-working single dad named William Jackson Smart was the inspiration for the creation of Father’s Day.{{more}} His wife died in 1898, while giving birth to their sixth child, and the Civil War veteran was left to raise the children alone in rural Washington.

“In May 1909, Smart’s daughter, by then a married woman named Sonora Dodd, heard a sermon enumerating the virtues of motherhood. It was Mother’s Day, a new American holiday that had begun the previous year. Sonora decided to honour her dad’s dedication to his children by seeking to have a Father’s Day designated on the calendar. The day caught on, but it wasn’t permanently established as an annual holiday in the US until 1972.”

As we read this article, we see the important role William Jackson Smart performed: playing the role of both father and mother after his wife died.

The love for and careful attention to his children caused Sonora to recognize the contribution her Dad made to the world and the recognition was the birth of Father’s Day.

What is the role of fathers? It is said that so many fathers see their role as only a bread-winner in the home. Therefore, they only provide finance for the family and leave all the other responsibilities to the mother.

A caring Dad in my thoughts…

I came across a group of boys describing their dads.

One boy said, “My daddy takes me for rides and buys toys, ice cream and KFC for me. My daddy loves me.”

One boy said, “My dad is smart; he can use the computer, spell long words, play football and can fix any problem in our home”.

Another boy said, “When I am sick, my dad often hugs and kisses me and says, ‘you will get well soon, I’ll call the doctor to see you.’”

Yet another boy said, “Dad is a hard-working man and is kind to all. My dad punishes me when I do anything wrong and tells me the punishment is for my good.”

Another boy said, “I feel lonely and bored when my dad is not at home to play with me.”

The last boy, five years old, stood up and said, “I don’t have a father in my home to love and care for me, but I have a Father in Heaven. He is real to me and can do far more than all of your fathers can do. One morning I woke up and Mommy told me ‘Son, I have no money to provide food for you today; go to your Father in Heaven and ask Him to provide food for us.’ I knelt at my bedside with tears in my eyes, hungry for food. I said, ‘Father, I love you. You are great, you made the heaves and the earth, sea and everything that therein is and you can so all things. Father, you heard my mom telling me that she has no money to buy food for us today. Jesus, would you leave your little boy to go through this day hungry? Please, Jesus, give my mom money to buy food for us. I love you, Father. Thank you.’

“I opened my eyes and a joyful peace came upon me. I went outside to play and saw the postman coming to my home. He said, ‘Son, Sunday is Father’s Day, but it is sad you don’t have a father to celebrate with.’

“Yes, postman”, I replied, “my dad lives in Heaven and He loves and cares for me. I just asked him to provide money for my mom to buy food for us.” The postman bowed in head in amazement and gave me a letter and said “Your Father in Heaven sent this letter to your mom; take it to her.” In excitement, I ran to mom; she opened the registered letter and it was from a friend in the USA, and plenty, plenty of US dollars were in the letter. We thanked my Father in Heaven for answering my prayer. We went to town and paid all our bills and bought clothing, toys, KFC, ice cream and plenty food.

“You see what my Father in Heaven is like? He can meet all my needs.

“And you my friends, I want you to trust my Father to become your Father too. My mom told me every father on this earth will have to bow to my Father in Heaven someday to give account of their lives.”

A challenge to all fathers:

Trust Jesus today and let Him guide you in training up your child or children.

Orlando Franklyn