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June 21, 2016
I agree with Sir James that Eustace was wrong choice to lead NDP

Editor: Please permit me a space in your column to express my views about James Mitchell’s admission that he actually made a big blunder in selecting Arnhim Eustace as leader of the New Democratic Party.{{more}}

I must agree with Sir James Mitchell’s admission, because since his selection as the leader, the party definitely struggled over the years to get somewhere in any decent position in order to govern this country and practically lost all the elections at the polls, and for those particular reasons, persons are indicating that

the lack of good leadership may be responsible.

The Hon Arnhim Eustace is not really a charismatic leader and certainly not the leader really serious enough to concentrate on the proper development of the country because he is not really capable of seeking assistance from other countries.

I am particularly worried about the Windward section of the island, where the Unity Labour Party is very strong, because if the NDP gets in power at any particular time in the future, then that area may be targetted and poorly neglected by their administration.

Everton Mercury