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June 14, 2016
Mr Herbert ‘I-Ras’ Walter St Hillaire – the Good Samaritan

Editor: Mr Herbert ‘I-Ras’ Walter St Hillaire is a Good Samaritan and deserves commendation for his intervention on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 when a Suzuki Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) caught fire. At the time of the incident, there were three occupants trapped in the car – two women (Cornelia Quashie and her sister Lucinda Quashie) and a six-year old boy Johanie Quashie-Browne.{{more}}

Like every curious individual, upon seeing the flames in the air, Mr St Hillaire rushed to the rescue of the victims. He did the simplest acts. First, he called the hospital for the ambulance and thereafter went ahead to get water to quench the fire. Very simple, but decisive and timely.

This was in contrast with recent times when most onlookers would take out their mobile devices to either take pictures or capture video recordings of the activity. Some may provide commentaries; others may stand and observe; some might even leave the scene, so as not to be seen and the rest may choose to make jokes and laugh. However, Mr St Hillaire acted differently and astutely. Who knows how bad this would have turned out if Mr St Hillaire had resorted to executing one of the above mentioned acts, instead of intervening and subsequently saving lives?

There have been pictures and videos on social media of individuals focused on the ‘-phoria’ of a fight or an accident, instead of acting appropriately to terminate or prevent further injury. It is relieving, it is gratifying, it is delighting to know that there are Good Samaritans like Mr St Hillaire living amongst us. His courage is exceptional. His character demonstrates that in our society, there are a few who remain outstanding. In the words of Herbert St Hillaire, “the Father design all ah we to help one another.”

It is sad that one of the victims succumbed to the burn injuries and we must pray that God grants the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Edwin Okon