Our Readers' Opinions
June 10, 2016
Stop using indecent language!

Editor: How would you feel if someone were to tell you, “Look! I see rotten vegetables and fish coming out of your mouth!”  Most likely you will get highly upset, or very angry with the person who tells you so. Do you know that when you use indecent language (cursing bad words) the Bible compares it to having rotten vegetables and fish coming out of your mouth? At Ephesians 4:29, the Greek term, in which it was originally written indicates so. {{more}}That verse mentions “corrupt communications” that should not “proceed out of your mouth.” Rather, our mouths should speak what is good and edifying. What we say should upbuild and educate others. Unfortunately, so many persons use indecent language in ordinary speech and more so when angry. Some parents use it much on their children and in some cases, children do the same to parents. This is so sickening, disgusting! You disrespect yourself when you use nasty speech. For those who do, why not make a special effort to be a more pleasant sight to Almighty God in the way you use your tongue? Colossians  4:6.  If angry, why not choose to bite your lips, or perhaps walk away for the moment, rather than foolishly using dirty language? Make yourself a decent human being by controlling the tongue, using it for good. God will appreciate it so much!