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May 31, 2016
Devil finds work for idle hands

Editor: The devil does find work for idle hands to do, but it is said at times that he cries, for he thinks that some humans blame him unnecessarily.

Do our actions make us out to be excessively busy? Do we occupy ourselves with empty nothings? If so, the Good Book says we are actually providing work for an unseen force; thus we become employed by him.{{more}}

We may be of the opinion that gangs are only composed of the opposite sex, but the human race has deviated so much that gang members show a variety.

Constructive thinking is never an attribute of such groups, as it is so easy to dwell on the bad; also, intelligence is not a product, as a small group is often governed by a leader who is far from brilliant. Here the term “a blind man is governed by a one-eyed man” and vice versa.

One group of such individuals is too much in a small community. It can be likened to a small bushfire, which, if fed by a strong wind, will result in mass destruction.

The mind says a great mind is a terrible thing to waste, and this kind of wastage, which is so prevalent, cannot be handled with our very efficient waste collection system.

It is a sad state of affairs, as this situation exists in every strata of our society. One wonders about the passage they use to find themselves in some positions. As if they seeped through the system; and they stand out like square pegs in round holes. Why do individuals form themselves into groups to achieve negative things?

Why do they target persons and places that they themselves will never frequent? Why do they resort to lies and half truths to discredit others? How can they be amused and fool themselves into thinking that there will be no accountability. And sadly, why are anonymous individuals entertained? Shouldn’t they be treated in such a way that fear will well up in them by even thinking of deceiving others. They may think they won and will grin, but such actions are short-lived. For every day is a brand new one.