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April 29, 2016
WI legends’ call for dissolution of WICB a good idea

EDITOR: Please permit a space in your column to express my views about the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

I must admit that I am quite happy indeed to know about the decision the West Indies cricket legends took in relation to the chair of the Prime Ministerial committee on the governance of West Indies cricket to dissolve the board.{{more}} I am a completely devoted West Indian cricket fan, and most likely am going to appreciate any reasonable change in the system. With the recent success in West Indies cricket in the T-20 format of the game, something has to be done in order for the West Indies cricket to stay on top, even if they have to dismantle the cricket board, in order to salvage some pride in West Indies cricket.

The West Indies Cricket Board has definitely been quite dysfunctional in activities concerning West Indies cricket. So many times have I seen a player being denied the opportunity to play for the team, even though he was readily available, and that was because of the policy where he must participate in the regular regional cricket tournament in order to qualify. If this particular policy is removed, then West Indies cricket should really improve quite drastically, because selection of the right players may eventually help the team to accomplish more in world cricket.

Everton Mercury