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April 26, 2016
Chateaubelair has potential to be leading town

Editor: Chateaubelair is one of the six towns in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). However, if one has to look at it honestly, it does not resemble a town, but it has the potential of being one of the leading towns in SVG.{{more}}

The efforts by some private business owners to have hardwares, stores and even the selling of some auto parts are commendable. It is also commendable that there is a bank and post office where bills can be paid. The hospital, which is being kept quite busy, is also a positive development in that town. Likewise, having a police station is also something positive. The tyre repair shop is also a worthwhile business and must be supported for it to stay.

While we applaud the private business for their ventures in having different forms of businesses, including shops, restaurants and bars, it is unfortunate that some of the abandoned buildings make it look unsightly.

The fishing complex is left unoperated. This can be a worthwhile development to aid the fishermen in their catch and adds some business to the town. The abandoned Marketing Depot building, which was, for years, left to be infested by rodents and other insects, is indeed an unhealthy sight. Close to these two buildings are the closed once active gas station and a supermarket and not too far from those buildings there once was a bakery and also a guest house, which are no longer in operation.

Sad, but true, these buildings are located right in the heart of the town and it is indeed a public eye sore. Not forgetting also the jetty that needs upgrading. What a beautiful sight and hub of activities we would been experiencing if these aforementioned were in operation. Indeed, the gas station is so much needed, for the closest gas station is Pembroke. Can you imagine the difficulties that are being experienced by fishermen and vehicles owners to obtain petrol and diesel?

It is time for both private and government to work together to restore Chateaubelair to a place of attraction and to make it look like a town. When that is done, the economic activities in those areas will increase for both private business and persons gaining employment. Chateaubelair is a town with potential to become one of the best. Let the development increase and let the town become a very attractive place, one that attracts attention.

Kennard King