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April 22, 2016
Paying tribute to a great man and footballer

A Tribute

Morey Millington first caught my eye when he played for the national youth team (U-19) in 1974. I thought at that time that he had exhibited a good temperament and sound leadership qualities that belied his tender age and had a bright future ahead of him in football.{{more}}

So, I was not surprised when he was selected to play for the senior team where I was an established player, one year later in 1975. From that year we forged a bond that has stood the test of time even after our playing days were finished. I cherished his friendship so much that in 1983 when I decided to “hang up my boots” from national service, he was able to convince and persuade me to change my mind as he needed me to be there for him.

Although our friendship was firm, when it came to national club football, we played our hearts out for our respective teams – Morey from Sion Hill and I for Roseans. No quarters were asked and none was given. The fierce rivalry between our teams ensured that we both played our best football whenever our clubs met. We simply brought out the best in each other.

Morey was one of the most complete players I have known. He kicked powerfully with both feet; was a good passer of the ball; an excellent reader of the game and was the best header of the ball I have seen. And I played with and against some great headers of the ball, including Norbet Hall.

He also had good leadership skills and was able to motivate, inspire and unite his teams to perform as a well knitted unit. In fact, we were family. Our success including the “much talked about” 1979 success in our debut season in Caribbean Football can be credited, in a large part, to the environment that his leadership skills created.

Morey has shown that by his service to community and country that he is an icon, patriot and legend and worthy of any recognition. I salute and congratulate you Skip. You truly deserve your honour.

I can truly say that I am a better footballer and person for having known Morey and I wish him the best of health and long life by God’s blessings.

Guy “Chow” Lowe