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April 22, 2016
A Success Story


Hungry and frustrated

As you seek, praying to find

Nothing is in sight

The quest to solve your many problems

Have become a bitter situation{{more}}

With an empty kitchen, a sick mother

A daughter

In need of education, a son becoming a victim to peer pressure

What can you as a man do?

What do you do ?

When you’re frustrated

Disappointed and hurting

With a wife that constantly reminds you of failure

You become abusive verbally and physically

You’re pushed to rob, thief and kill

By any means necessary you must pay every bill

The light has been disconnected

The school fee hasn’t been paid- from school your daughter has been suspended

With the struggles increasing

Your sick mother dies

As your heart sinks to its lowest

You become the meanest

Your humanity switch you turn off

At every serious situation you laugh

You only live once- The philosophy

You now live by

Not until you’re face to face with death

Do you think clearly- Now you’re face to face with regret

The doctor said you weren’t supposed to live

At the door of death you were-before your eyes your life  flashed

A voice said to you, Son I’m not done with you yet, arise and live

Use your struggles and this opportunity

To become a success story

Inspiring the people of your country

The struggles we face often bring out the worst in us

At anytime in life we can return to the earth

But by the grace of God we are granted life

The life we live however speaks bitterly about us

For we fail to realize our purpose- Think about it, what is your purpose on earth ?

Ask yourself this question, seek the answer then live life!!

© December 20, 2015 Dillon Ollivierre