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April 19, 2016
FLOW spreading propaganda message to public

EDITOR: I read, with little interest, but with a great deal of incredulity, the propaganda message from Mr Hull regarding the corporate re-banding of FLOW.

The best comment I can make on his pronouncements is that they are totally baseless and without foundation.{{more}}

In August 2015, in a letter to the press, I asked the management and corporate heads that operate FLOW here in SVG why they continue to subject the viewing public to such a third-rate cable TV service.

Namely why do we, an English speaking nation, have forced upon us a myriad of programmes that are in every language under the sun other than English.

Needless to say, this offering of mine was totally ignored by the management of FLOW, who offered no response whatsoever.

I can only surmise that this means one of two things: that they fullly agreed with the comments made in my letter regarding their abysmal service and could offer no explanation, or they feel it is below their status to comment upon the (justified) complaints of a client.

Are these people under the mistaken impression that every single FLOW customer/viewer is fluent in a variety of tongues?

Not only that, but when you can detect a programme in English, it turns out to be an American programme having a content that would be an insult to anybody.

Part of Mr Hull’s release states “we are focused on you the customer” … this, I believe, is a complete falsehood, given that FLOW has just increased it’s charges and fees. I think he should have said “we are focused upon getting as much money from you as possible, for as little service as we can offer.”

Each month I remit to FLOW 100 per cent of the amount due per their account to me. I do not think it unreasonable that, by return, FLOW should reciprocate and allow me to view and understand 100 per cent of the programmes I am paying for and not the less that 60 per cent that I am able to view.

A W Indupp