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April 12, 2016
NDP won 7 seats; but do they need fresh legs?

Editor: I am in support of the NDP because of the Hon Mr Arnhim Eustace. I believe that he has what it requires to be a good Prime Minister, but it appears that the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines don’t agree with me, because they continue to elect Dr Gonsalves as the Prime Minister.{{more}}

I am very confused as to why the NDP continue with Mr Arnhim Eustace as leader of the party. Sometimes I sit and wonder who determines the leader of the NDP.Should Vincentians blame Mr Eustace for not forming government? Or is it that the NDP fail to attract candidates of a proper quality? I think it’s unfair to blame Mr Eustace for the NDP failing to form government; he did what was to be done.

Over the past 15 years the NDP went from winning three seats to seven seats. Let me remind readers about when Sir James gave the leadership of the NDP to Mr Eustace, it was under decline. The rebuilding started with Mr Eustace and I must say he did an excellent job at rebuilding the NDP. When one states that Mr Eustace can’t defeat the Prime Minister, I agree with them simply because that was the situation that obtained with Sir Vincent Beache when Sir James Mitchell was the Prime Minister. It’s just history repeating itself. You may ask who I think should replace Mr Eustace. My answer is Mr St Clair Leacock. Why, you may ask. “We need one that can fight fire with fire.” That is what the NDP is lacking.

Hon Mr Arnhim Eustace is too kind and gentle; there is a need for change among the NDP and that change should start with a change from Mr Eustace to Mr Leacock as leader of the NDP. Other changes that can be made are Dr Ferdinand as chair of the party; Colin Graham as PRO/host of the New Times Radio programme and Noel Dickson as the research officer.

These are all individuals who speak for the NDP, but persons like Bert Francois, Margaret London, Igal Adams, Brian Alexander and Alwin Lewis have no influence on the political landscape of St Vincent and the Grenadines and the NDP should rid themselves of these persons. The last election they spoke for the NDP and they didn’t make a difference.

Vincentians need fresh legs, a new voice who can speak for the NDP with a high level of influence. Mr Leacock made a very bold statement saying too many young people and black people are supporting the ULP; the question is why? What is the ULP doing that the NDP isn’t? The NDP should try their very best to get quality persons to become potential candidates. They should take interest in individuals like Senator Barnwell, Andrew Simmons, Dr Martin. I truly hope that quality Vincentians will make themselves available to the NDP. This country needs you — don’t let the fear created by the ULP hinder you from doing so. We, as Vincentians, should think about our country’s growth and in order for our country to grow and develop, we need to make changes. While the NDP won seven seats in the last general elections held in 2015, the time is here when they should make some changes. Mr Patel, Mr Eustace, Mr Linton Lewis and Mr Nature Stephenson should all give way to fresh new minds.

As a Vincentian, my only focus is to see our country grow and in order to do this, we all need to come together and build our country. If we don’t, who will? So, I’m asking Vincentians to take more interest in the everyday activities that occur in and around the government agencies.

Let’s build up our country.

Kingsley deFreitas