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April 8, 2016
BRAGSA, roads in Spring Village, Rose Bank need urgent attention

Editor: Compliments are in order to the present administration for the South Leeward Highway. Although it is not yet complete, but close to completion, it is looking wonderful. I am sure that it is greatly appreciated by the many drivers who traverse the route.

The Spring Village road that leads up to the Police Station and even up to the power plant, needs some urgent attention. This piece of road has been neglected for ‘donkey’ years. It makes travelling on that road a painful experience.{{more}}

I know that there are many roads that need fixing. I know that we have to exercise patience. Having said that, I bring to the forefront the Rose Bank main road that is really in a bad state.

I recognize that these are hard economic times; however, patching the holes in Rose Bank would be greatly appreciated. I know, however, that it would take lots of money to resurface the road. Fixing these roads would be greatly appreciated by the vehicle owners and drivers. It would assist greatly in making driving more comfortable and save the mechanical injuries to the vehicles.

Previously, I wrote about the covering of the drains at Barrouallie. To this day, they remain the same. Is it that we are going to wait until something injurious occurs?

BRAGSA, I know that you have been working hard and are doing well. However, I strongly urge you to give some attention to the two aforementioned roads. Thank you and we look forward to speedy action.

Kennard King