Our Readers' Opinions
April 5, 2016
Bullies – Georgetown van driver, conductor!

Editor: Last Tuesday, March 22, I boarded a passenger van #5215, which had as its ultimate destination Georgetown.

However, on reaching Prospect, I told the conductor that I would like to alight there. Immediately, both conductor and driver waged a verbal war against me for changing my initial decision to travel to Georgetown!{{more}}

For reasons best known to myself, I curtailed my journey. Bullyish driver insisted that he wanted his Georgetown fare of five dollars from the 20 dollars I gave to his conductor.

This action was tantamount to robbery, because the driver acted illegally – charging me five dollars from Kingstown to Prospect. I reported the matter to the police. I really don’t want back any money; all I want the police to do is reprimand both driver and conductor for their future good, and implore those young men to show more respect for commuters.

A dissatisfied commuter