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March 18, 2016
Mr PM, who has more influence on you?

Editor: There are a few Vincentians who are calling on Dr Gonsalves to bring a bill to force the NDP parliamentarians to appear in the House of Assembly. The bill has had its first reading and Dr Gonsalves said he would like to hear Vincentians’ thoughts on the bill. One influential Vincentian spoke on this bill.{{more}} He doesn’t think that Dr Gonsalves and his government should make this bill a law, because it’s a bad bill and that influential Vincentian is a former attorney-general who is an experienced, well-grounded man by the name of Parnell Campbell QC. He has expressed his views on this bill and I agree with his opinion.

After reading this bill for myself, it is very confusing and if passed it would put the Speaker of the House, Jomo Thomas, under extreme pressure. So, I’m making a plea to Dr Gonsalves to stop, think and listen to Mr Campbell’s position on this bill; his advice is golden; let his experience guide you. This bill shows that you are frustrated by the NDP and it also shows you are searching for a way out. Some questions for Dr Gonsalves: Do you think Mr Campbell’s advice is misleading? Passing this bill will stifle democracy. Do you want Vincentians to think that you are abusing your authority as leader of the House of Assembly? Who has more influence on you? QC Parnell Campbell or Frank Da Silva?

Prime Minister Dr Gonsalves, don’t be misguided by persons like Frank Da Silva, Elson Crick and Noel Jackson. Listen to Vincentians who have your best interest at heart; listen to wise Vincentians.

Dr Gonsalves, QC Parnell Campbell is a very knowledgeable man when dealing with laws; I’m of the impression that PR studied this bill and understands it for what it’s worth. He is someone you can trust, he has integrity and he cares for Vincentians’ well-being and he shows it with his The Law and You programme, aired on SVG TV over the years. He is a man that every Vincentian trusts, a true people man, not like Frank Da Silva, who has expressed his view that QC Parnell Campbell doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Frank, who are you kidding? Mr Da Silva has no sort of influence on Vincentians, nor in the political arena. He is a total waste of time; I’m profoundly amazed by the selfishness of one man. Use your brain, Frank; listen to people who are wiser than you.

Dr Gonsalves, sit and try to remember what Frank Da Silva said about you when he supported the NDP. So, why today when you don’t need him, is he trying to impress you?

St Vincent needs persons that have its best interest at heart like Jomo Thomas, Renwick Rose, Blazer Williams, QC Parnell Campbell, Dr R Thomas, Dr Ferdinand, Stephen Joachim and Monty Maule, who are all full of impartiality when dealing with St Vincent and the Grenadines. Don’t make a few loud mouth persons who call in on radio talk show programmes influence you, Doc. Remember this country should be your first priority as Prime Minister, and also remember that St Vincent belongs to all Vincentians.

As a Vincentian who desires to see our blessed nation develop, I am hoping that Vincentians can put their differences aside and focus on building our nation. We, as Vincentians, must remember that the simplest thing we do can affect the growth of our country. Sir James once said politics is like an in and out club. Dr Gonsalves, today you are in, so use the time wisely to put St Vincent and the Grenadines first. Be very sure about your decisions, because what we do can affect us in the future. You must be very mindful about what you do. Dr Gonsalves; continue to feed Frank with a long spoon, I gone!

Kingsley deFreitas