Our Readers' Opinions
March 18, 2016
Happier International Women’s Days!

Editor: Time for a happier International Women’s Day in St Vincent….Judging from the last copy of March 4 of the Vincentian, we don’t see many happy strong female personalities in that copy; mostly females presented as powerless: crying the death of a son, husband or boyfriend/lover…and “leaving everything to God”, a convenient formula…don’t you think? One can add to that: help yourself and God will help with you; it is good to face reality.{{more}} Passivity is here enhanced rather than an inquiring mind, a sense of one’s rights, that is investigating, protesting in that murder case. And to top it all up, an API reporter, Ashecia Sam, having to ask for help through a newspaper because police don’t respond to her demand for protection against death threats from a mental and aggressive man! This is the cherry on the cake.

I also want to mention the murder of Sharleen Greaves, the real estate agent; I am disgusted to see violence against women; that maybe a boyfriend has found it convenient to “express” his jealousy by stabbing her 15 times is beyond my understanding and must be condemned, and the man jailed..

Let us work at happier days, starting right now. Why do the media enhance murder cases, mostly for selling purposes? Will they present portraits of women in this society who have helped move forward in future edtions? I challenge them to do so. A lot of women are doing great work. In the Arts: Vonnie Roudette, artist and teacher; Camille Musser, head of Youlou Arts Foundation, who is working at creating a well needed art centre in St Vincent and many other female artists, myself included….

Cécile Comblen