Our Readers' Opinions
March 8, 2016
Domestic violence is a scourge to society

Editor: Domestic violence is becoming prevalent in our nation and the world at large. This is not new, for it has been around for years. As a matter of fact, since I was born there has always been domestic violence. The only thing is that it is now becoming an issue and is seen as growing.{{more}}

Sometimes one wonders why do ladies allow themselves to be abused by a man, simply because of fear and also insecurity. When ladies are so dependent on men, they are opening themselves for abuse of many kinds. Retaliation by ladies can lead to domestic violence.

It is also a known fact that in many homes, there is a lack of effective means of solving problems. When this occurs, it leads to domestic violence. On the other hand, many men, for their ego, like to feel in charge. Their way of being in charge is to be bossy and demanding. They fail to understand what is true leadership. Being a leader does not mean to be bossy, but rather working together as a team. Each person’s view must be respected and appreciated. For too often this is not so; many women would know that their partners are like that, yet they would remain in the relationship.

Many ladies have allowed themselves to be victims of domestic violence and abuse simply because they are not independent enough to be on their own. It is even more sad when ladies who are well educated and have a well paid job allow themselves to be victims.

The time has come for us as Vincentians to work together. Domestic violence is a scourge to society. It robs the children of a stable home and it destroys self-esteem. So, to effectively deal with domestic violence, the home plays a pivotal role. It begins by having the right choice of partners. For a wrong choice can be harmful and leads to domestic violence. Let the choice of partners on both sides of the fence be based on love. For many times a woman takes a man as her partner, not because she loves him, but because she loves what she can get from him. This, too, contributes to domestic violence.

More can be said on this topic. However, I would end by saying that as a people, we need to love and respect each other. When we do so, we are building a healthy nation. Only love conquers evil. Love is truly the answer, not hate or revenge.

I pray that this year we would see a reduction in domestic violence. Most importantly, prayer can change things and with God’s help we can have a productive year as a people and a reduction in abuse and domestic violence.

Kennard King